Villa Danube


Updates: we provide Teepee Tents for staying from 2019 onwards!
Teepee= a scone-shaped tent traditionally used by many native peoples of the Great Plains of North America.
We offer our comfy 5m teepee, away from the light polluted cities, in our 2.400qm garden between the branch of Danube river and our own BBQ grill. Additionally we also provide 4.5m teepees in conjuction with overnight water adventure tours using either recreational canoes or kayaks on the Mosoni Danube. Please contact us for these special offers.
Water adventure tours can be organized in combination with Biketours and/or ready to use BBQ grill –
well refridgerated food, BBQ utensils and teepee are all set for you. Tents dismantled and rubbish taken away the next morning.


As Charles Waterman once stated “Most of the world is covered by water. A fisherman’s job is simple: Pick out the best parts.“
Fishing in the true fishing paradise in Szigetköz, formed by the alluvial deposits between the Danube’s main channel and the Moson-arm.
The best way to experience the “Gift of the Danube“, beauty of this nature reserve Szigetköz is by bicycle or boat.


Thermal baths

Lipót Thermalbath and Spa is within easy reach by bike, one of the most modern baths of Hungary.
In Mosonmagyaróvár, about 12 km away from us, there is also well-known spa with healing effects and/or swimming pools.

30 km away there is the splendid Baroque city centre, Györ, a must for every traveler to Hungary.
Another worthwhile trip is a visit at one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary, Pannonhalma Monastery which was declared a World Heritage Site in 1996 by UNESCO.

Photo by Unknown – Civertan Grafikai Stúdió, CC BY-SA 2.5


You can rent canoes and kayaks to paddle along the beautiful Moson Danube from us.
Pick-up service can be arranged upon requests